#82 | The Journey of a Man with Trentamus Briggs

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Trentamus Briggs, Lady Talk Radio

HEY, another transformative *masculine may* episode, with our guest Trentamus Briggs.

A men's work facilitator, breakthrough alchemist,
and a stand for Men & Women having safe space,
he shares his deeply honest experiences that brought
him here and how we can stand with and for men more powerfully.

In this episode we spoke about ::

+ the journey
+ pivotal moments + men that called him forth
+ honesty... the healing balm
+ the golden question - are there good men out there + how to attract and find them
+ what can we do as women to support and nourish men's rising

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About Trentamus :

How does a boy from a broken home grow into a good man? There are likely many paths to wholeness, but for Trentamus Briggs the road had its ups and downs.

Growing up in a typical midwest town and feeling forgotten and tossed aside by family, nothing in the culture could keep Trentamus from becoming an insecure, anxious, depressed, and abusive young man. It took until his late 20s for Trentamus to realize he had to choose another way, to awake.

Trentamus went through what he calls a “4-year right of passage” with a men’s group in Boise, Idaho. It was intense. In the final year of this initiation, Trentamus chose to restrict himself to food, exercise, and hours of daily meditation and prayers for 1 year straight as well as abstain from sex, alcohol, dating, and even masturbation. But he didn’t stop there. He also held a public apology event to all of the women and men he had hurt, mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically throughout his life. His next step was a leap of faith. Trentamus left his health practice in Boise, sold everything he owned, and took his dog Kaya on a journey to pursue a career of freedom and impact by helping men to step into the next octave of their divine evolution.  Trentamus has spent the last year experiencing geographical freedom, traveling as a life coach and bioresonance practitioner and implementing his program that sustainably feeds 100 homeless families each week. He will be launching a virtual men’s mastermind group starting July 7th 2019. Men’s work facilitator, he supports Men & Women in dropping into awareness of internal and external places of empowerment through self love.

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