#15 | Sex + Intimacy with Ryan Thomas

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Joined by Ryan Thomas, the first man to ever join us on Lady Talk Radio! This conversation was all about getting honest about Sex + Intimacy and how to create more fulfilling relationships with the Men in our lives. Ryan shared the main differences to keep in mind in experiencing deeper connection and communication, how to handle challenges and next levels in the bedroom, and create more sexual pleasure + overall juiciness in your romantic relationships.

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Who is Ryan Thomas? 

Ryan Thomas left an 11 year career as an Army Captain because he believed that in order to create change in the world, he had to become the change he wanted to see. Despite his initial efforts to join the special forces, he realized that upon selection, he would have been fighting the wrong enemy. After years of terrible relationships, empty sex, sexual dysfunction and misplaced hatred, he realized where his efforts needed to be placed. The enemy lay within, in the form of self-deprecation, low self-esteem, and sexual shame. After years of growth, Ryan transformed his relationships from painful to liberating and his sexual confidence soared. Now Ryan teaches men how to become better lovers, sky rocket sexual confidence, and increase passion in their relationships. He does so through his podcast Modern SexTalks and various articles, events, courses and resources at The Intimate Lifestyle.

Things to Listen for in this episode :

  • Men are only allowed to feel Anger + Horniness - Default Emotions
  • Go straight to the Point - Communicating with your Man
  • Masculine + Feminine Differences in Connection
  • The 5 Love Languages
  • Understanding + Creating Intimacy
  • Faking it - How to Stop the Cycle
  • Communicating Effectively through Challenges
  • Exploring Sexuality your way
  • Understanding Erectile Dysfunction + Premature Ejaculation

Connect with Ryan : 

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