#11 | Self Love + Sisterhood + Magic with Men with Kelsey Grant

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We took a deep dive into self love in this episode and how to truly have the relationship with yourself and your desired mate, that you want. Joined by Love + Relationship Educator, Kelsey Grant, it was an absolute gem with so many chunks of wisdom no matter where you are in your journey of love!

About Kelsey Grant :

Kelsey is passionate about living in a world where people feel inspired, fulfilled, balanced and happy within the expansiveness of their intimate relationships. As a Love and Relationship Educator rooted in Radical Self Love Methodology, she writes, speaks and teaches coaches, thought leaders and game changers how to access greater alignment with love for their leadership and relationships to thrive. Her commitment to love runs deep as she is also the founder and facilitator of a local sisterhood circle that creates safe space for women to open their hearts and share what is really going on behind the scenes of their lives. Currently, she is teaching her “Year Of Love Masterclass”, a curriculum focused on providing the essential tools we "don't know we don't know" about love and partnership that are key foundations to creating and maintaining relationships that really work.

Things to Listen for in this episode :

  • What the Heck IS Self Love?
  • Why Self Love + Sisterhood are Cornerstones to Healthy + Happy Relationships with Men
  • Projecting the Parts We Disown = Chaos
  • Knowing Yourself + Honouring Yourself
  • Sharing your Dreams on Loud Speaker (tell them about your castles, girl)
  • Feminine + Masculine and Your Natural Hardwiring
  • Being a High Vibe Magnet for the Quality Love You Want

Connect with Kelsey : 


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