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What if you feeling more sexy influenced more than your sex life but everything from your health and happy, to how you show up in your work, to how you feel about yourself? We dove DEEP in this episode with Sarah Conner, on your Sexual Energy. We talked all about how to understand it, tap into it, and live + love more radiantly. It's a MUST listen.

About Lady Talk Radio :

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Who is Sarah Conner? :

As a bachelor of psychology, a massage therapist and a reiki practitioner I have witnessed the power of underlying emotional and spiritual issues to manifest as physical bodily problems and bad habits. My passion to help create lasting healing, vitality and balance in people's bodies has led me to create my current coaching business Actionable Sexuality. Why sexuality? Because I'm juiced up by it; because when I tune in to my sexual energy everything I do becomes filled with greater vitality. Stepping into this journey isn't easy, because honestly it's the exploration of one of the most taboo topics out there filled with the most ignorance, misinformation, and traumatic experiences humans can have. But the flip side is you can also invent some of the most beautiful, sacred, delicious experiences through this exploration. If you want to feel the full magnificence of your vital feminine energy, you're going to have to face everything that's keeping you from it right now. That's why my business exists. Because in putting myself through this trial by fire I understand the importance of having loving and nurturing people to support you. My commitment through my business is to create a space of unconditional love, safety and sacredness, for women to explore and come into greater relationship with their bodies, their sexual creative energy, and to help them invent actions in their lives that manifests the juiciest, most fun and fulfilling reality of vitality they've never imagined possible.

Things to Listen for in this episode :

  • Back to the Basics - What is your Relationship to your Sexuality?
  • How it can Vitalize your Whole Life
  • Owning + Honing
  • Yoni Eggs
  • You are Already SEXY. It's an Energy You Take On 
  • Intimidation versus Inspiration
  • Using Dance as a way to Play in your Sexual 

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