#9 | Relationships and Loving Big with Cammie Peterman

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We are talkin' Relationships on Lady Talk Radio!

In this episode, we went deep into what relationships can be and how to have a powerful one (with yourself + your partner) EVEN in the face of life's challenges. Whether you're single, dating, in a committed relationship, or married for years, this conversation has a little something for everyone.

Relationships are about more than just "getting a boyfriend or girlfriend" or whether they are "the one". Think of this as an exploration about relationships + love and how to have more fun with it all.

About our Guest : Joined by the brilliant Soul Coach, Cammie Peterman. Her mission is to help anyone and everyone who is willing to discover/uncover "their" authentic selves, she is not as interested in the version the world wants, but is committed to you being all of you from the soul out. Cammie lives in Victoria, BC with her cat Simon and her man Roger.

Things to Listen for in this episode :

  • Mirror, mirror - How Your Partner is Reflecting Back at You
  • The Blame Game + Taking Full Responsibility
  • Noticing Your Patterns in Relationships
  • Falling Deeply in Love with Yourself
  • How to Handle Bumps in the Road
  • Relationships don't need to be done the right way, they can be your way.

Connect with Cammie : 

Phone :  (250) 217-1946

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