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We are talkin' Personal Style on Lady Talk Radio!

With personal style playing a huge role in how we express ourselves as women and communicate with the world around us, we knew this was a topic we had to cover.

We believe that Personal Style is about SO much more than expensive clothing or trends.

Its about who you uniquely are! Your quirks, your beauty, your swagger, your unique confidence and colourful (or not so colourful) personality.

About our Guest : Joined by the perfect guest for this episode, the lovely, Rami Hay. She’s stunning, bold, avant garde, and well rounded in her personal take on style. She's a law graduate, youtuber, fashion innovator, and a bomb lady alpha. Even though she graduated law school, she is still adamant on keeping her fashion sense on par with those that aren’t in the “professional” scene. She believes in personal style and creating an aura of confidence around you when you dress up for your daily ventures!

Things to Listen for in this episode :

  • Honing your Confidence to Wear Bold Styles and OWN it.
  • Do Brands Matter? The Difference Between whats Trending + What you Love.
  • Planning Outfits as a "Unit" + Where to Start
  • Rami's Take on Handling Haters + Other Peoples Opinions of Your Style
  • Style, Tattoos, and Working in a Professional Field

Connect with Rami : 

Instagram: ramind_her
Snaphat: raminderhayre25
YouTube: Rami Vlog

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