#10 | Motherhood + Staying True to Who You Are with Jessica Birak

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We are talkin' Motherhood + Staying True to Who You Are on Lady Talk Radio

In this episode we are joined by the lovely, entrepreneurial, and inspiring mama, Jessica Birak, and she wants to get real about what real life motherhood can be like behind the scenes.

Whether you're a mama, or you're aspiring to be one, it won't all be sunshine and perfectly put together pinterest birthday parties, there will be moments of doubt, of fear, of puke in your hair. And learning to navigate the new oceans you sail as you continue in your experience of pursuing your aspirations.

Things to Listen for in this episode :

  • Fear is normal.
  • "You don't have to be perfect, to be a perfect mom."
  • It takes a Village - and Creating Community
  • Why "Balance" is bogus
  • Staying True to Your Intuition (even when you're getting a ton of advice)
  • "You will surprise yourself"

Connect with Jessica : 

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