#81 | Man on Purpose with Don Goodeve

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Don Goodeve, Lady Talk Radio

HEY, masculine may in full effect, of COURSE we would talk to Coach & Men's Work Facilitator, Don Goodeve.

PURPOSE...is it really about coming at it straight on? What does it really take to get connected with our purpose? Don answers these questions as we journey through what Men's work impact can be, how a man can arrive there, and so many great points.

In this episode we spoke about ::

+ purpose... whats in the way of you knowing?
+ men's work and a man's journey to it
+ the hole in our lives.. and how we fill it
+ partnership + the dance - when the work is being worked
+ our patterns + possibilities
+ bandaid solutions versus breakthrough living

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Connect with Don :

"I realized I was interested in what lives within people when I went to University and was surprised to connect with someone doing a Psychology degree. I did not at the time even know that was a thing. Since then I have managed to distract myself with various careers before closing the circle, retraining and embracing being a Coach. I work with Men, Women and Organizations in shifting themselves out of drama and into what they are here to do an the difference they are here to be. I live on Vancouver Island with my two teenage Sons, share a lot of sweet time with my partner, until recently a wonderful dog who we recently said farewell to."

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