#50 | Dismantling : A Conversation We All Need to Hear with Kristin Iris

Stacey RaePodcast

Kristin Iris, Lady Talk Radio

In today’s episode we got real about Kristin’s work in supporting Black and Brown creatives in dismantling their oppressive conditioning and what white women/men’s role is in understanding and uncovering the deeper roles and responsibilities we have. Lots of wisdom nuggets around subtle and not so subtle communication, conditioning, mindsets … Read More

#45 | You can do anything you want, just…..with Taylor Aller

Stacey RaePodcast

taylor aller, lady talk radio, stacey rae

In this episode with Taylor Aller, we got real about some of the everyday experiences we has as ambitious multipotentialite women face. We talked about the nitty gritty on support, boundaries, social media, overwhelm (!!), time, and SO. MUCH. MORE goodness because well, multipotentialite.  Enjoy this juicy episode. Taylor says : “You … Read More

#43 | Being Seen as Who You Are with Michelle Aubrey

Stacey RaePodcast

Michelle Aubrey, Stacey Rae, We are Lady Alpha, Lady Talk Radio

In this episode with Michelle Aubrey, she shares her own journey into Professional Coaching and what that’s been like. This convo is full of actioning self awareness and seeing yourself (and others) at your highest and best, not what you do or don’t do. If you are curious about the power of deep coaching, want … Read More

#42 | Bold, Brave, and Badass with Judy King

Stacey RaePodcast

In this episode with Judy King, we dive deep into the most important piece for creating powerful change in your life, your mind. From elevating awareness to taking back the reigns on your thoughts, to consciously and unconsciously shifting the beliefs and behaviours so you can feel and live the way you … Read More

#41 | Writing Your Story with Lynn Denise

Stacey RaePodcast

In this episode with Lynn Denise, we got real about what it takes to echo the story in your heart and bring it into the world! If you have ever heard yourself say “I will write a book one day,” this episode is for you. How to start today, the structures that … Read More

#40 Your Bold Self with Chiara Mazzucco

Stacey RaePodcast

chiara mazzucco, lady talk radio, stacey rae

In this episode with Chiara Mazzucco, we got real. Reinvention, ownership, what it really takes to up level, making the daring decisions in life and so much more. Being an entrepreneur for over 8 years, Chiara shares her own pivotal lessons and how she works with her clients now to … Read More

#39 Caring Deeply for Yourself with Rachele Kehler

Stacey RaePodcast

  In this episode with Rachele Kehler, we go deep into holistic approaches to take care of ourselves, outside of the usual ways we see self care discussed on social media. Rachele gets real on how to listen, honour, and care deeply for our own needs and wants, and use the ideas … Read More

#37 Body Image and Boudoir with Chelsey Luren

Stacey RaePodcast

In this episode with Chelsey Luren, a boudoir photographer and body image coach, we talk about the intrinsic beauty each and every woman possesses. Chelsey shares her own journey in recovering from an eating disorder and how recovery led her to one of the most powerful and beautiful experiences, and now what … Read More