#14 | Get Unstuck + Move Forward in Life with Amy Fiedler

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We dove into the deep end in this episode and went straight into how to get UNSTUCK + move forward from your blockages in life. Very quickly, Amy got real and invited you to see your undesired results in life through new eyes, allowing you through awareness to show up for your everyday game in alignment with what you want. Throughout the episode she will remind you of your innate intuition and how to see the signs you are waiting for everywhere. I'm so certain you'll love her grounded and sassy approach to spirituality + life and find it as refreshing as I did.

About Lady Talk Radio...

A weekly deep dive podcast created to open up honest, real, fierce conversations that move into all the topics of our real lives and provide insights + inspiration for living your most fulfilling life, pronto. This is ALL about you, so if you'd like a specific topic covered, feel free to email.

Who is Amy Fiedler? 

I am a Spiritual Life and Relationship Coach, Author and Ordained Minister. I put words to your feelings so you can hear your heart. I am known for my honest, quick-witted and sassy approach to life, relationships and spirituality and I am a master at giving you practical ways to radically shift it all. You can find out more about my work, guidance and coaching at amyfiedler.com. My book "365 Little Blasts of Love" is available on Amazon.com.

Things to Listen for in this episode :

  • Living life forward + understanding it backwards
  • It's ALL connected to your relationship with _____.
  • Dont yell at the mirror to fix your lipstick
  • Nothing can happen to you that you aren't already doing to you
  • Sometimes we need to forget in order to remember
  • Anything that doesn't feel good, isn't true.
  • Be Kind + Loving
  • Awareness, acceptance, love it, talk yourself through it
  • The Intention = TO FEEL GOOD

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Amy's Book - 365 Little Blasts of Love is available on Amazon.com

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