#59 | Owning Your Story, Claiming Your Voice with Lauren Darlington

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Finding it challenging to share your authentic voice? How about tell the real story of your life? Lauren Darlington jams on the realness of her story and what its been like to now share her life with those in her online and offline communities. An author, coach, facilitator, all around Lady Alpha, this episode is absolutely for anyone wanting to lean in on more of their own voice in the world and their work.

About Lady Talk Radio

An off the cuff podcast with host Stacey Rae + special guests! Expect REAL, honest + fierce conversations about all things LADY. We don't shy away from the taboo, no topic is off the table, and we GO IN to provide honest insights + inspiration for living your most fulfilling life, pronto. Watch for episodes on everything from Transformation, Happiness, Self Discovery, Relationships, Self Love, Women's Health, Epic Sex, Personal Success, Self Expression, and Entrepreneurship, and Building a Life You LOVE. This is ALL about you, so if you'd like a specific topic covered, feel free to email with your suggestion. 

Who is Lauren Darlington? 

Lauren is passionate about igniting women’s empowerment through sharing her own journey & insights, showing others that nothing is off limits. She is inspired by humans being all of who they are and really taking ownership of their life and their choices. Lauren has a deep love for connecting with others and evoking curiosity in them to see how powerful they actually are. Lauren has a love for written word and sharing her world online for others to be apart of.

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