#45 | You can do anything you want, just…..with Taylor Aller

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In this episode with Taylor Aller, we got real about some of the everyday experiences we has as ambitious multipotentialite women face. We talked about the nitty gritty on support, boundaries, social media, overwhelm (!!), time, and SO. MUCH. MORE goodness because well, multipotentialite.  Enjoy this juicy episode.

Taylor says :

“You CAN do anything you want, just not all at once, and not by yourself.”

About Lady Talk Radio

An off the cuff podcast with host Stacey Rae + special guests! Expect REAL, honest + fierce conversations about all things LADY. We don't shy away from the taboo, no topic is off the table, and we GO IN to provide honest insights + inspiration for living your most fulfilling life, pronto. Watch for episodes on everything from Transformation, Happiness, Self Discovery, Relationships, Self Love, Women's Health, Epic Sex, Personal Success, Self Expression, and Entrepreneurship, and Building a Life You LOVE. This is ALL about you, so if you'd like a specific topic covered, feel free to email with your suggestion. 

Who is Taylor Aller? 

 A small town girl with big heart ambitions. Taylor's a self-described nature-loving-introvert that has an insatiable curiosity and a love of all things comfy. She serves the lower mainland as a Registered Massage Therapist, Educator, and Speaker. She's got a big "thing" for learning, teaching and sharing knowledge. She's also obsessed with all things relationship-related and runs a blog/hosts events with her kick-butt husband called The Relationship Project. On most days you can find her juggling 5 different things, snuggling her handful-of-a-rescue pup, volunteering as a Facilitator with Free to Be Talks, or trying her darndest to go to bed early. (Usually while listening to audiobooks and dancing around in her kitchen!)

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