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In this episode with Chelsey Luren, a boudoir photographer and body image coach, we talk about the intrinsic beauty each and every woman possesses. Chelsey shares her own journey in recovering from an eating disorder and how recovery led her to one of the most powerful and beautiful experiences, and now what she calls her work in the world! We talk body image, boudoir, self care, and owning your beauty. Enjoy this feminine, feel-good episode! <3

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Who is Chelsey Luren? 

Hey, I'm Chelsey, a boudoir photographer and body image coach. I spent over a decade of my life ruled by an eating disorder. When I hit my breaking point, I made the resolution to choose recovery. I dedicated what ended up being the next 3 years of my life to healing. To celebrate, I booked a boudoir photo shoot to capture my transformation. That single event changed the entire trajectory of my life. I felt beautiful for the first time in, well, ever. Seeing those images I felt empowered. I felt confident. I felt connected. That moment was where my life’s mission became clear: To help women transform their own lives, and heal through boudoir photography. Fast forward to today, and I have built a photography studio from the ground up. With body positivity, empowering women, and healing body image at the forefront, I bring you Chelsey Luren Portraits.

My healing journey marks the path, and the photoshoot experience I create provides the safe space for you to reconnect with the woman you've always been: Confident, Empowered, Sensual, Vibrant, and Connected.

Points to Listen for in this episode :

  • Surviving and Recovering from an Eating Disorder
  • Why Boudoir Photography
  • Every Woman is Intrinsically Beautiful
  • The Experience Versus the Photographs
  • The Ripple Effect of Celebrating our Bodies
  • Most Impactful Pieces on the Journey of Recovery
  • "You can't fall back, if you weren't already moving."
  • Self Practices for Luscious Nourishment
  • The Cyclical Nature of Women

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