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In this episode with Krystal Vrba, we explore BLISS, and why its the missing nutrient in most women's lives. Krystal shares her tips to access and cultivate your most delicious bliss in your daily life and how the fundamental pieces like nutrition, fun, and personal freedom can not only make your life maximized with enjoyment but also highly effective. If you're a woman on a mission and you've been feeling like you may be burning the candle at both ends this is a MUST listen for you, but wherever you are in your journey, THIS message is something for every woman to hear.

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Who is Krystal Vrba? 

Founder of The Blissful Woman Project | Co-Founder of Refresh Natural Health | Co-Founder of Footprints Conservation Society

At the age of 23 I was working as the VP of Operations for an investment banking firm, and had a blossoming career in film & TV, when my health hit a major decline. I went blind in my left eye due to an autoimmune condition, developed early-onset rheumatoid arthritis, had a severe case of chronic fatigue and a very persistent explosion of cystic acne all over my face. My career as I knew it had come to an end. Forced by circumstances that felt 'out of my control', I was challenged to really consider what personal strength and power meant to me.

As a Life & Nutrition Coach I help women and men awaken the strength and power within themselves by taking ownership and responsibility of their own thoughts, words and daily actions; no matter the circumstances. Life is full of challenges. It is how we work through these challenges that helps define who we are and what we are capable of achieving. By doing this work I believe that all women & men have the power to discover their true purpose and unlock feelings of absolute bliss.

Points to Listen for in this episode :

  • Krystal's Story
  • The Bliss nutrient
  • Nutrition is the Gateway
  • Why BLISS?
  • What are your Bliss Blocks?
  • PLAYING as a form of pleasure
  • Nourishing yourself on all the levels
  • Krystal's TOP 5 Bliss Foods
  • Where did I leave my joy?
  • Practices to cultivate your most blissful states

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