#30 The Alpha Femme in YOU with Melanie Ann Layer

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In this episode with Melanie Ann Layer, we got real about your power, magic, fear and how to truly claim your best life. We jammed on so many juicy topics in this jam packed hour, including how everyone has an alpha within them, knowing your power, and taking brave action. If you're a woman on a mission, a coach, a leader, an influencer, or you want to truly activate your inner alpha, you're going to love this episode!

About Lady Talk Radio

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Who is Melanie Ann Layer? 

Melanie Ann Layer is a Leader of leaders, a Coach for coaches and the Inspiration for those that inspire others. The clients she works with are the leaders and action-takers in their own communities that desire greater influence and impact. Melanie has created Trifecta Coaching, taking an all-encompassing approach to her coaching business, ensuring that each client is at the leading edge in their mindset, business and relationships. This triumvirate is elegantly captured in the triangle of her Alpha Femme logo. Her unique style of coaching creates a ripple effect in the world, and she receives the most joy when her clients' clients see incredible results. Melanie works mainly with entrepreneurs and network marketers who, themselves, need to be leading others. Through her work thousands upon thousand of people get positively affected every single day. Melanie Ann Layer's mission is to influence and impact one million people to create the life of their dreams and she passionately shares her talents through her programs: Impact Academy and Alpha Femme. She is regularly interviewed in podcasts, Facebook Lives, and Youtube shows and her words and thoughts have been shared around the globe.

Points to Listen for in this episode :

  • Melanie's Digital Nomad Life
  • Melanie's Story in
  • Who is an Alpha?
  • Your alpha might be sleeping
  • Power in your relationship
  • What is Power?
  • Your present reality, past choices, and action
  • The ONLY reason we don't take action
  • Just be BRAVE.
  • Hustle, sometimes.
  • Whats your mechanism?
  • Power versus Force
  • #1 Tip to Harness your Power

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