#39 Caring Deeply for Yourself with Rachele Kehler

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In this episode with Rachele Kehler, we go deep into holistic approaches to take care of ourselves, outside of the usual ways we see self care discussed on social media. Rachele gets real on how to listen, honour, and care deeply for our own needs and wants, and use the ideas in our daily life for more harmony, health, and holistically sound living. She has this beautiful, delicate and yet bold way of calling us forward to choosing to care deeply for ourselves, and I cant wait for you to get connected with her work.

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Who is Rachele Kehler? 

I work with women who struggle knowing their needs, what they are passionate about, and what makes them feel most loved. I help empower women to put themselves first, for a change!

I have been through many of life’s major stressors such as various forms of grief, divorce, unemployment, eviction and chronic pain, to name a few! Because of these challenges, I searched for various forms of healing, read a ton of self-help books and saw my own counsellor and coach weekly. I realized that this was the path that led me to learn how to truly nurture and take care of myself. I noticed that to successfully navigate every day, I needed to become my own best friend, acknowledging that in order to give to others and to love another I must authentically love and give back to myself first! I have built (and continue to build) a raw and real relationship with myself through daily practices and techniques I have learned through my training as a Holistic Coach and Counsellor. I am passionate about helping you discover how to tap into your personal power and to live with a full, radiant, energized, heart!

You can find me volunteering at the Vancouver Women's Health Collective on Tuesday's as a counsellor, hosting the Meetup group: Connecting Through Change, running various workshops in Vancouver or shamelessly dancing in the front row of one of my favourite concerts!

Let’s work together to figure out your unique strengths while designing your ideal relationship with yourself AND those around you.

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