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Amanda Goolsby, Aligned Success

In this episode we talk about the shift from living and striving for achievement to living in alignment and WHY this is one of the profound shifts we can make in our work and our lives. Amanda left a 13 year career as an executive in the fitness industry after scaling a business from 2 million in revenue to 20 million, because she knew something was missing. She had been checking the boxes and was successful, but wasn't fulfilled. Many of us A type personalities can relate to putting our head and heart down and making shit happen but then often we get there and realize, we aren't living into the best version of ourselves. This is what Amanda is a freaking badass at supporting women in, starting to live in alignment now. In this conversation, she shares the process of reclaiming alignment in all areas of our lives and powerful practices for you to increase your own awareness and tap into your potential. She's all about that holistic approach to life and she's the real deal.

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Who is Amanda Goolsby? 

Amanda is the founder of Aligned Success and the Aligned Success Podcast show! As a health, career and life coach as well an international speaker Amanda’s vision is to help the most driven, high achieving leaders trade “achievement” for alignment in all areas of their lives. Amanda left a 13 year career as an executive in the fitness industry after having just scaled a business from 2 million in revenue to 20 million in revenue in 24 months because something was missing. She was “successful,” but wasn’t fulfilled.  Amanda is passionate about addressing the holistic approach to life and guiding leaders to their fullest potential in all areas: health, career and life!

Points to Listen for in this episode :

  • Achievement versus Alignment
  • Getting off the treadmill of busyness 
  • Addressing the fears of slowing down 
  • The first step in shifting from achievement to alignment
  • The "Day" 
  • Is this in alignment with my best self?
  • Giving yourself Grace 
  • The importance of Support, Connection and Accountability 
  • Amanda's Reflection Schedule Daily, Monthly, Yearly

Connect with Amanda : 

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