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In this episode with Chelsea Didier, we explored what it means and what is possible when we are really living through our body. Breathing, grounding, dancing, being a full expression of our soul and allowing ourselves to connect to it's intrinsic movement daily. Chelsea's journey as a transformational coach through embodiment comes with a beautiful story of our her own transformation, and many depths of knowledge and insights for anywhere on your journey. This episode is full of "feel into yourself" ways to start enlivening your own practice of daily embodiment, E N J O Y! 

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Who is Chelsea Didier? 

As a transformational coach, master intuitive healer and embodiment specialist, Chelsea supports entrepreneurs and creators fully step into authentic body and soul alignment. She is a result-oriented mentor, empowering her clients to harness their next level of clarity, awareness, balance and integrity in connection to self, business and in relationship. Chelsea believes that each individual is uniquely grappling with his/her life obstacles, yet, with the same life purpose and ultimate goal for a self-fulfilling future. So, she incorporates a multitude of techniques and tailors roadmaps to fit ones unique needs, in order to encompass elements of spiritual, emotional and physical awakening. She is dedicated and known for consistently showing up with radical honesty, making any process fun and guiding others to inhabit their bodies to unleash their inner badass. Chelsea is a deep lover of humanity and is honored to have found her calling to assist others as they rise to meet their highest selves and create a conscious shift for our world.

Points to Listen for in this episode :

  • Getting people in their body
  • Chelsea's journey to now
  • The Inner child work
  • Reiki + Ways to tap into your energetics
  • What is Embodiment?
  • Out of the Mind, INTO your Body FEEL, breathe, Move
  • Your Embodiment could look like anything, but its YOUR anything
  • Practices to begin exploring
  • Noticing your first breathe

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