#34 The Dance of Masculine + Feminine with Nicole Lynn

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In this episode with Nicole Lynn, we took a DEEP dive into masculine and feminine energies and what that means for us in our daily lives. This is a big topic at the moment and while we have likely heard a ton of explorations around it, this was one of the most grounded, refreshing, and uplifting conversations I've personally heard yet! Coming from a corporate background and now running her dream coaching business, Nicole shares her own inspiring journey into the feminine and masculine balance in her own life and some fascinating historical and research along the way. Enjoy!

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Who is Nicole Lynn? 

Reiki Master &  Spiritual Strategy Coach for High Performance Entrepreneurs and Couples 

"I launched my first business as an 18-year-old busy college student in Boston focusing on sales and leadership business coaching, training at dozens of seminars across the nation led by top female business coaches who built multi-million dollar international empires themselves. By the age of 20, I was closing high paying clients on the spot and profiting over $5,000 working less than 20 hours per week.

Which brings me to my uniquely valuable gift. The technical term is for what I do is “Empathic Claircognizance”. Whether you’ve seen it in movies or read it in books, most people are familiar with the gift of telepathy – the ability to read peoples thoughts. My gift of empathy is similar yet more powerful – it’s the ability to read people’s feelings. Combine that with claircognizance – the ability to acquire psychic knowledge and I can tell you a lot about yourself.

I created the Soul Goal Guide programs, membership, and private coaching to guide you on this journey of energetic transformation to achieve life-altering soul-goal level results. They are the culmination of all the keys that have allowed me to miraculously cure chronic diseases, turn the deepest emotional pain into the most pleasurable growth, live in a profound state of love and happiness as well as have 10x growth in all of my businesses."

Points to Listen for in this episode :

  • We are not just girly versions of men
  • What we can learn from Manhattan Men
  • The Sacrifice of our Femininity
  • Skirt Suits versus Pant Suits 
  • Pushing, Forcing, Figuring out
  • When did we loose trust?
  • Masculine versus Masculine
  • Feminine Boundaries
  • Dancing, Dudes, and Walking through Fear
  • Embodying your goals with all 6 senses
  • Actively working to empower ourselves

Connect with Nicole : 

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