#33 Soul Creation with Kate Bull

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In this episode with Kate Bull, we explored what it means to step into creating what you feel most called to in the world whether that be a business, a book, or a specific path. Coming from a corporate background, Kate shares her path of stepping into her own soul creation, the many stages of entrepreneurship, fear, trust, and everything in between. If you have been wanting to start out on your own path of birthing your dream into the world, THIS episode is especially for YOU.

About Lady Talk Radio

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Who is Kate Bull? 

Kate is super passionate about guiding women to come together/be in their power, consistently speak their truth and experience deep self love and compassion. She’s been through a massive growth journey herself over the last 4 years experiencing all sorts of fears, anxiety, depression, sexually numb and consistently asking herself ‘what would life be like I could create what I really want in all areas?’ She’s an intuitive guidance coach who has trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Multiple Brain Integration Training, Advanced Communication Training… And all that aside, she really cares, is crazy fun, lives with her puppy and partner Andy in Bali and is delving into guiding woman on whole new level in this space to experience their kick-as power and create epic-ness in the world.

Points to Listen for in this episode :

  • The Key to Choosing What's Next
  • Being in the Process > Figuring it out
  • How to Know You Are Ready
  • Why Coaching is CRUCIAL
  • You Never Know the Ripple Effect
  • You will be Afraid. Period.

Connect with Kate : 

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Kate's Soul Creation Program - www.SoulCreationwithKate.com

The Sister Squad - www.SisterSquadwithKate.com

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