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In this episode with Alice Karolina, we explored what cultivating an authentic, meaningful brand truly means and how to lay the first stone. Through years of design, brand nerding, and her own experiences of bringing clients back to their most authentic message in the world, Alice has a both grounded and refreshing approach for anyone wanting to leave their mark. In a time when we are told hustling, 24 hour website creations, and building a list are the only way to be successful, Alice brings the focus back to telling stories of substance, sharing products that serve the world, and selling with integrity. If you're wanting to launch your brand, feeling stuck in the process, or wanting to renovate your existing one, this episode is for you!

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Who is Alice Karolina? 

Alice Karolina builds brand worlds together with her clients. She believes that making an impact online requires a new way of thinking and communicating: the businesses that stand out tell stories of substance, share products that serve the world, and sell with integrity. It takes courage to leave the status quo and the hustle behind and create a brand rooted in purpose and vision, and Alice loves working with these brave souls to tell their stories in a way that resonates with their ideal clients and customers. Her ultimate goal is to disrupt the cycle of consumerism by creating a culture of meaning, instead of just more.

Points to Listen for in this episode :

  • Integrating the past into the path
  • What is Branding?
  • Bringing the Brand out of you
  • Breathe, Be Patient, Grit
  • Under the hood of branding
  • The Roots (Vision, Purpose, What's the POINT?)
  • "Every touch point of your brand becomes an opportunity"
  • Goals, Vision, and Values - create within them
  • The Questions to Ask
  • Don't dilute with what looks good
  • Authenticity takes self honesty

People mentioned : Paul JarvisBenjamin Zander, Tara Gentile

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